Cashback & Shopping Points

  • 1% + 1 Consumed Vacation Package per 150 USD Purchase
  • 15 USD + 5 Cruise Consumed
  • 1% + 1 Pre-Paid Hotels Consumed per 150 USD Purchase
  • 1% + 1 Pre-Paid Hotels Coupon Code Consumed per 150 USD Purchase
  • 1% + 1 Vacation Packages Coupon Code Used Consumed per 150 USD Purchase
  • 1% + 1 Pay At Hotel Consumed per 150 USD Purchase
  • 1% + 1 Hotel (CPS) Coupon Code Used Consumed per 150 USD Purchase
  • Accepted Online Shopping


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    Telephone: +1 888 565 8089
    Fax: +1 646 537 1728
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Terms and conditions

Car Rentals & Flight Purchases are not eligible for benefits at this time. If your order contains any of these, your entire order will be disqualified.

Activities, travel for good products, rail, Last Minute Deals, insurance and gift cards are not commissionable. Additionally, travel booked through other advertisers on such as Globus Vacations are not commissionable.

This Merchant reserves the right to reconcile or adjust the value on any transaction that is attributed to another marketing channel.

Any offers, discounts, or promotional codes used from another site or from another source other than our website will void all member benefits for your transaction.

Do not contact the online merchant regarding your member rewards - please contact Member Service.


Here at Travelocity, we believe that fulfilling travel experiences begin not only with choosing the right destination, but having the right state of mind. 

* The margin benefits are dependent on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.